Your Fitness Questions Answered

Instead of typing out a super long blog that will take longer than I have time for, I figured I would just plunk all that information in one video for you viewing pleasure.


There are no hard and fast rules in the fitness world, the answer “It depends,” is totally valid.

If someone claims that it’s a “100% guarantee” they are either a) selling you something or b) ignorant of the vast differences in individual responses.

Individual physiology (i.e. body mechanics, muscle insertion points, how one handles physical and emotional stress) and biochemistry (i.e. absorbing and metabolizing nutrients), and outside factors (environmental stressors, sleep, job requirements, etc.) all affect how a person will react to various training and nutrition strategies.

The more we learn about nutrition and physiology the more we realize how much we don’t know.

Maintaining a healthy body composition is like a multi-tiered wedding cake: nutrition makes up the largest part, followed by strength, then cardiovascular work, and then, the icing, is your daily movement.

**I forgot to mention this in the video- rest and recovery are also key. Cake is good, but you can’t eat the whole thing every day. Space out your cake.**

General principles that we know work: eat lots of vegetables, pick up heavy things, run around, and move daily. The details of what that looks like for you will be completely unique to you.