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9 Days Until Your New Year's Resolutions...

Good morning, everyone! I hope you all have successfully avoided the long checkout lines, pepper-spraying loons, Wal-Mart stampedes and the cologne doused department stores (nausiating, right?).  I've already written down what it is I'm thankful for to share at next years Thanksgiving dinner...internet shopping.

So, incase you weren't counting there are only about 9 days until for the eighth year in a row you'll committ to "getting back into it" and losing that spare tire.  By the way, did you read this...

Don't let this year blend into your other failed attempts.  Contact us today and request a free consultation so we may earn your trust, and demonstrate to you that we posses something that the "other guys" don't.   

A protein shake and veggies for Santa and those deer,


Our take on "sport specific"

Quite frequently we're asked, "Is this (insert sport here) specific training?"  Here's our take: Understand that all athletes, no matter what sport, need to engage in general movements to enhance their global strength so to speak; these exercise include squats, deadlifts, rows, unilateral movements, horizontal pressing and pulling, vertical pulling etc.  These are, and should be, the bread and butter of every good strength training program.  

We also blend drills that have a bit more dynamic correspondence, or specificity, to one’s sport.  For instance, with our baseball players we incorporate various overhead and rotational drills with light medicine balls to improve velocities on these various planes of motion. 

These occur primarily in the offseason as competing for the energy to develop technical abilities is not as significant.  When implementing, we're careful to not too closely mimic the intricate movement patterns required by sport, i.e. throwing a baseball, as this can lead to a hindrance in the actual development and create inconsistencies with that particular skill.  Read that again; yes, mimicking too closely, or inappropriately weighting a particular movement can actually prohibit technical mastery of specific sport skill.  This is why as one gets closer to a competitive season, and certainly as one is engaged in-season, we wean these drills from the student-athletes program as the acquisition and refinement of sport skills are of paramount importance during this time.

From an injury prevention stand point, we are very cognizant of the stressors placed on the body during various sports, and understand that many of these stressors transcend sports.  As such we tend to focus most of our efforts on these areas in an attempt to combat the repetitive and asymmetrical nature of sport.  Our efforts are also aimed to improve the shortcomings of the individual as each present their own intimate challenges.

Getting strong all day long,


Free Training

Experience our distance coaching system for 2-weeks absolutely FREE!!!  That’s right, we’re opening-up the vault so you can try a taste of SAPT goodness for yourself:

  • 2-weeks (6-sessions) of carefully balanced and scientifically backed programming. This program is designed to mobilize, strengthen, and condition a moderately active adult!
  • Step-by-step, in depth coaching cues to ensure you’re performing the movements correctly!
  • Training videos presented in HD and accessible via most mobile devices!

To receive your 2-weeks of free programming and access to our online database of exercise videos click HERE. Fill in the relevant fields and indicate “I’d like to try the 2-week free Distance Coaching Trial,” and a SAPT rep will be in touch with you shortly to provide you your program!

On a final, and unrelated, note - as I am posting this, I am drinking the worst "fresh" cup of coffee ever. It tastes like I'm drinking a coffee flavored wet paper cup and it is NOT good.

I'm Ready to Admit a Few Things

I wanted to give an update to my plant-based dietary efforts this week and also thought there were a couple other things on my mind worth acknowledging/admitting to. Thank goodness people tend to become wiser as they get older…

  1. Plant-based diets do not make you stronger, that’s for sure. BUT, they do keep you healthy and help you maintain a healthy body-weight. I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for about 18 or 19 months now. I won’t call myself a vegan or a vegetarian as that’s not completely accurate, but I will tell you that I consume animal products (dairy, meat, poultry, pork, etc.) only about 2% of the time. Here is what I’ve learned:
    • Plant-based diets always get big criticism for their cost, well, let me tell you we spend about 35% less at the grocery store each week than we used to. When you’re not buying family packs of chicken breasts each week, plus all the other animal protein products, your grocery bill takes a nose-dive. We used to spend around $100/week on groceries and now we average between $50-70/week.
    • I eat copious amounts of carbohydrates and maintain a lower body weight than I have in about 10 years. Read into the details there however you want, but I have zero cravings as compared to the way I used to eat (high protein, moderate fat, low/moderate carbohydrate).
    • I’m reducing my risk of a variety of diseases – cancer being the most notable. Cancer risk has been (via credible research) linked to the consumption of animal products, especially dairy. The cancer reason is 100% why I started this endeavor in the first place as cancer has left its mark on my family.
    • You can also reduce your risk of a variety of diseases by eating lots of plants and lean meats.
    • Here’s the biggie: MY STRENGTH LEVELS ARE NOTABLY LOWER than they were before I embraced this dietary lifestyle. Initially, I thought this was a pregnancy by-product issue, but Arabella is now 16-months old, so clearly, that’s no longer the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t morphed into a weakling, I am usually the strongest female in any room (unless Kelsey is around…), just not by such a large margin anymore! Honestly, I’m not surprised I haven’t been able to gain strength, but I am shocked I haven't been able to come close to achieving pre-pregnancy strength levels.

  2. Speed squats and/or speed deadlifts triumph over Olympic lifts each and every day of the week in terms of the MOST efficient way to improve explosiveness and strength (I feel like I preach this at least once a week). But, if you consider yourself a strength coach, you better have an excellent knowledge base about how to implement all aspects of strength-speed training – and this includes the Olympic lifts.
  3. In the past (thankfully, this is years in the past) I may have been overheard saying something to the effect of “I don’t get it why parents always use their kids as an excuse for not getting to workout. Just commit the time.” And I guarantee whatever variation of this statement I actually used would have been laced with some pretty heavy cynicism. But, I will now admit – as a parent myself – that fitting training into the details of every day is quite a challenge. But, I often remind myself that while I'm training for a lot of personal goals, I'm also training to set an example for my daughter. I want her to see that training is an essential and healthy part of being a responsible adult and something I want her to learn to embrace over time. So, if you’re a parent who fits training into their daily or weekly routine, give yourself a pat on the back!

This is a call to arms against New Year’s resolutions!

Ready to freak-out…New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner!!!  Did you just break-out in a cold sweat?  Did you just un-tuck your shirt to more seamlessly blend the muffin top into your lower extremities?  Are you slowly moving towards your snack drawer to dispose of the various half-eaten processed delicacies stroon about…ya, I’m on to you.  Folks, this is a call to arms against preventing what you really want for yourself; to once again have a waistline; finally beat your friend “Svelte Jerry” in your weekend tennis match, and not worry about your knee exploding in the process; to not live in fear of your annual check-up.

My friends, climb aboard the SAPT rowboat, and like GW crossing the Delaware, we’re gonna sneak-up and ambush our opposition...failed New Year Resolutions, no more.  Don’t wait for the bleating attempts by surrounding commercial gyms to wrangle you into some membership you’ll never use, because at that point it’ll be too late (I’m a poet and didn’t even know it). 

HEALTHY HABITS MUST BEGIN NOW.  Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll be able to curb, and defeat, your unhealthy infatuation with snickerdoodles, the little cookies with Hershey kisses on top, and the latest “housewives” series?   You know why, because GOING COLD TURKEY ON JANURARY 1ST DOESN’T WORK!

What you need is plan, something to guide you through the season of endless fruit cakes.  Perhaps something like an SAPT individualized training program?  You need some motivation, and a sense of accountability.  Perhaps the knowledgeable SAPT staff and encouraging-positive room dynamic created by our semi-private training model would do the trick?  What you need is a reason to have only a small slice of cheesecake instead of the entire pan?  Perhaps knowing that the SAPT Prowler (our weight sled) is in your metabolic finisher tomorrow and you’d rather not taint our pristine turf with bits of graham crack crust and heavy cream (too far (?)…probably)?  Perhaps viewing the incredible physical transformation of SAPT’ee lifer, Ron Reed, in the video below will stoke your fire:

Ladies, and gents, the solution is simple, set yourself up for success by enrolling in one of our adult training structures.  We understand that change is difficult, but as it’s been proven to us time and time again, with a little help and guidance, SAPT’ees can accomplish some pretty amazing things.  Let us help you.   

Cue “Rocky” soundtrack,


Taking “at home/on your own” training programs a step…more like a giant leap, further…

Now I’m not gonna sit here on my soap box and pretend that some of the “at home/on your own” programs and gadgets (both past and present…I won’t mention any names…ha-ha-ha-choooo-p90xgazellefreestylerinsanitybuttmasterorwasitthighmaster?totalgymchucknorrisissweetthough, pardon me, just allergies) haven’t “worked” for some people (define worked…), but what I’ll also say is that for every one “success story” there’s probably another five epic fails following close behind. Epic fails include: -Those three easy payments collecting dust in your video library or home gym.

-A visit to the orthopedic with a bum back or knee because what you didn’t know was that performing a-bajillion “plyometric movements” (it’s in quotes because, well, you really weren’t doing plyometrics in their true context…sorry) in a single training session isn’t a sound protocol for a freakin’ Olympic Triple Jumper, nor is it the proper prescription for you.

-Or, how about this, your preexisting knee condition has gotten worse because maybe attempting to execute an absorbitant amount of single leg broad jumps in one training session is, well, just silly. Or, maybe because the program overlooked the progressive overload of resistance that’s required to increase joint strength and integrity. Or, maybe it was because you were never provided any coaching or feedback, or heck, maybe you weren’t even shown proper form in the first place. The total acquired benefit from performing all those squats incorrectly…nada. To top it off, it sucks you’ll have to sit-out the father-son scrimmage, and the company golf outing again this year, huh?

-Finally, you haven’t gotten an ounce stronger, increased your lean body mass by a negligible amount, and subsequently are still holding on to that spare tire.

Well here’s the deal people, you’ve invested more money than you might like to admit in great marketing campaigns, now it’s time to stand-up against QVC and take a chance on SAPT’s Distance Coaching Training Programs. Well, that’s unless you feel training programs that include and deliver the following isn’t your cup of tea:

-Consideration of your current level of physical preparedness, medical history, and goals, FIRST, and construction of an appropriate training protocol SECOND…you know, so that you don’t quit on the program because the one size fits all shoe is a little too large for your size 8.5’s.

-Weekly correspondence with a real freakin’ certified performance coach who can quickly troubleshoot any questions or issues you may have encountered with your individualized training program.

-Video analysis of your movements to ensure you’re not just lunging just for the sake of lunging, rather trying to a-c-c-o-m-p-l-i-s-h something with each repetition.

-Mobile phone accessible, exercise demonstrations (coaching cues included!), performed by a certified performance coach (with his, or her, shirt on(!), imagine that…Steve, keep your shirt on…) so you know exactly how the movement is supposed to be executed.

- Did you know there is a 10% decrease in total number of muscle fibers per decade after the age of 50? Our distance coaching training programs safely implement multi-joint movements, and progressively increase resistance, to improve power output and elicit the physiological responses necessary to ward off muscular atrophy, and the increased disposition to store fat, that occurs as one ages. Check-out distance coaching client, Frank. Dude could barely hip hinge properly when he first started working with SAPT (come’on Frank, admit it). Now he’s safely smashing front squat to a box a bit below parallel…on his time, in the comfort of his garage gym!

Oh, and my Mom wanted me to note that her bone density readings have been much improved since she’s begun her distance coaching protocol. How many post menopausal, or soon to be, women do you know who need this? Mom also wanted me to note that she appreciates the positive change in my Dad’s mood since he’s begun his distance coaching protocol; she also appreciates the gluteal hypertrophy…gross.

To contact us and get more details regarding our Distance Coaching Training Programs, click HERE.

We look forward to helping you.