Get back in the “game” stronger, faster, and healthier than before your injury!

Whether you’re an athlete or not, you can’t afford to get back in the "game" after an injury with weakened muscles and compromised motor patterns. Until recently there was only one choice for recovery: physical therapy. Unfortunately, that left a gap between clinical rehabilitation, normal daily activities and/or athletic competition, leading many to reinjure themselves, or suffer chronic residual pain. Now, help is available.

Innovative Recovery:

SAPT specializes in the innovative field of Post Rehab Training for folks who want a better solution. We routinely help clients advance to their pre-injury conditioning, or better! Our team of expert performance specialists can provide you with powerful therapeutic programming that guides you through completion of the recovery process, and advances you to your highest level of wellness!

The SAPT Approach: 

Once you have been released from your physical therapist's or rehab specialist's care, one of our experienced coaches meets with you to discuss your situation, and determine a course of action to reach your goals. Safety is key, so we contact your rehab specialist to ensure your new program coordinates with, and transitions seamlessly from, your clinical rehabilitation. Our coaches then provide you with personalized programming and follow-up, with hands-on guidance for proper exercise mechanics to achieve (and maintain).

Training Structure:

SAPT’s state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to meet your needs, no matter your ability level. Our carefully planned resistance training and corrective exercises provide the ideal balance and variety to encourage you to achieve both short- and long-term goals. A joint-by-joint approach will be used to effectively train your body as a whole. As you progress, we continually review and revise your program to optimize your results; and take it a step further, our semi-private personal training setting provides you quality coaching, affordably.

Other Benefits:

• Accomplish short- & long-term goals

• Learn proper exercise mechanics

• Receive individualized programming

• Enjoy flexible scheduling

• Access to our convenient 24/7 online self-scheduling service

Take the next step in your recovery, choose SAPT’s proven excellence!

Contact us today to discuss your specific situation, and see how we can help. - Strength & Performance Training (SAPT), Inc.