1-month SAPT Trial


1-month SAPT Trial

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SAPT programs are a great way to introduce 8 to 18+ year olds to strength and conditioning training, while helping build a foundation for good life long fitness habits.

Trainees gradually build strength, agility, speed, etc. through workouts individualized for their specific needs, strengths and weak areas. Each child receives hands on guidance from our caring coaches to assure proper form, and lessen the possibility of future sports related injuries.

The workouts are both challenging and interesting. Within a typical training session (as appropriate), your athlete/child may use kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, bands, sandbags, and yes sometimes even, tires and sledge hammers! The kids love it – and it produces big results.

SAPT training benefits:

• Improve joint function

• Promotes confidence and positive outlook

• Injury prevention

• Variety

• Set and meet goals

• Excellent programs to prep for sports

• Promotes healthy habits for life

• Improve body composition

• Strengthens bones; improves balance & flexibility

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  • One month trial of 2x/week semi-private athlete performance training
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