An Unsurpassed Experience at SAPT

Get your young athlete to the next level with SAPT’s proven training. Specifically created for your child’s unique needs, goals, sport, biological/training ages and current ability, our individualized programming is written and implemented by our highly trained, credentialed and experienced performance coaches.

Our "Cook 'em Slow" Conditioning Strategy

Under our expert trainers’ supervision, your young athlete will be introduced to movements/drills which improve structural integrity (injury prevention), movement patterns, strength levels, power output, agility, mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, rhythm, spatial and kinesthetic awareness, reactivity and more. We program with the “big picture” in mind! While your young athlete will experience rapid results, our programs also build for future successes as he/she develops. Individualized progress sheets track and identify gains as your student-athlete develops within our program.


Exceptional Engagement

SAPT’s coaches work to keep the young athletes both challenged and interested. Within a typical training session (and as appropriate), your athlete/child will utilize kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, bands, sandbags, and yes sometimes even, tires and sledge hammers! It’s all fun – and produces big results.

The SAPT Community

When looking for a place to train, a major factor to consider is whether there is a community that wants to help your athlete succeed, not just a place to lift weights. You’ll find SAPT has that special feel. We truly care about our trainees’ wellbeing and progress. Cultivating a community environment to nurture the total “package” – their minds, bodies and enthusiasm is important to us. Our young athletes often consider SAPT their “second home” and count our coaches among their friends.

(Kayla) was excited and you could almost touch the confidence that she was feeling…She definitely is feeling better about herself…and I think we are taking a new attitude into the wrestling room. This is the kind of thing that cannot be measured on a graph, chart, or in lbs. but is just as important as any physical improvement. – Paul B.

All SAPT Youth, Adolescent, & Young-Adult Training Packages include:

  • Training at one of our state-of-the-art facilities, in a semi-private, community-feel training environment
  • Athlete to coach ratio not to exceed 8:1
  • Hands-on coaching, and continual feedback from our staff of certified coaches to ensure proper technique is being executed
  • 24/7 Online Self-service Scheduling System access to easily manage session scheduling from any device at any time
  • Choice of 3*, 6, 9 or 12-month training packages for the best results – *3 month programs are the minimum to deliver adequate short-term prep for in-season sports. Year round training provides the most powerful, lasting results! Although not recommended, training packages of shorter duration are available per request.
  • Year round flexible scheduling. Start when it works best for you, train when you want in and/or out-of-season.

The baseball season was in full swing and I was so addicted to SAPT that I couldn’t stop going! It was like a second home. I enjoyed it so much that I never stopped going during the season, which helped me keep my strength gains from the winter through the whole season. I saw the work that Chris and Steve had me do in the winter translate into results on the field. Doubles turned into homeruns, weak ground balls turned into hard hits and throwing was easier than ever because of the muscle and flexibility I gained. Over all I hit 7 more homeruns than junior year, raised my batting average by .230 points, and dropped off .10 of a second on my throws to second base as a catcher. Aside from all the on the field gains I saw, the most important part of SAPT to me was that I enjoyed going to train and seeing Chris and Steve along with the rest of the SAPT community.When looking for a place to train, a major factor to consider is whether there is a community that wants to help you succeed, not just a gym to lift weights at.  SAPT has that special feel, which I will miss when I go off to college this year, but again I know I will be the most prepared player on my team going into fall. practice.- Ryan D.

When you want the best, choose SAPT’s proven excellence!