The time to prepare is now…and a quick reminder…

Did you make the team you were hoping for?  Was your season marred with injury?  Were you dissatisfied with your performance?  Did you feel over matched?  Spring sport athletes, the time to prepare for next season begins now!!!  With easily customizable training packages of 3-month, 6-month, and 9-months, SAPT training programs will provide you the framework and guidance to help you safely, and efficiently, achieve your goals!  And here’s how we plan to do it:

Phase 1: Allow the body to recover from a long, arduous spring season.  Implementing various soft tissue techniques, activation, mobility and flexibility drills will be imperative at this time to begin reducing mechanical asymmetries that develop from competing in asymmetrical  (one-side dominant) sports. 

Phase 2:  Begin to impose a more aggressive training stimulus, and acquire increased volume on the body to improve work capacities and allow for growth and development to occur. 

Phase 3:  Impose a more concentrated block of training aimed at improving the athletes maximal strength and power output.  The result being, a serious force to be reckoned with. 

Phase 4:  Peak the athlete appropriately as they head into next year’s spring tryouts as we wean training intensities, and allow for the acquisition of sport specific skill to become the primary focus during this time.   

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