Athletes Aged 10-18

SAPT's "cook 'em slow" approach has taught thousands of developing athletes how to improve performance for the activities they love. Our focus is on building a foundation of proper mechanics to improve both sporting ability and reduction of injury.


Whether your top priority is centered on family, career or improving your game, SAPT is the place for you!

We focus on exercise, nutrition and mindset to maximize performance in the areas that matter most to you.

Ready to get started? Let us take it from here.

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As a coach, keep your focus on the sport you know and love. Let us take care of rest! Strength, conditioning, and performance improvement are our specialities. SAPT coaches are available to come to your practice for conditioning sessions or to coordinate group sessions at our facilities.


Don't let geography stand between you and performance training excellence! SAPT has been offering online coaching to clients all over the country since 2009. Distance based coaching is a great option for athletes who travel frequently or who are based outside of the DC metro area.