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In July 2007, armed with only a fervent passion for improving lives through fitness, a training certification, and the support of my family, I founded Strength & Performance Training, Inc. (formerly Student-Athlete Performance Training, Inc.). Our beginnings were humble. Surrounded by chirping birds and buzzing insects, the first official SAPT training session was conducted at a county park for 6 young athletes - we had yet to establish a physical address! Just 3-months later, we opened the doors to our first facility, and haven't looked back.

Along the way the rewards have been great. Whether through furthering our trainees' sport achievements, academic accomplishments, confidence building, and so much more; or even the more quiet victories of helping our coaches and interns reach milestones of their own, it is a privilege and a joy to be a part of the journey. - Sarah Walls, Founder

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Our highly esteemed staff of professional coaches and trainers act as inspiration, motivation, role models, and trusted friends for our clientele. Please take a few moments to learn more about each of them.



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SAPT is the premier provider of sports performance and personal training services. Our unique line of individualized training programs, evaluations, and educational support deliver unsurpassed results for youth and scholastic athletes, professional athletes, adults with active lifestyles, as well as military, first responders, tactical personnel, and more.


The first step in getting started at SAPT. Choose from a performance, general health, or post-rehab evaluation. All come complete with video analysis.


Training Packages

We offer a variety of training packages to fit every goal, availability, and budget.

Youth Performance Training

Personal Training Programs

Post-Rehab Training

Team Training

Elevate your team to the next level with SAPT's innovative, proven Team Performance Training.

Learn more about team training.


Online Coaching

Don't let distance stand between you and training with SAPT. Join the ranks of SAPT trainees with our Online Coaching program. 

Each program comes complete with access to our client training portal, videos, and progress tracking.