Move to the next level in conditioning with SAPT’s proven personal training. Whether you’re a newbie or a life-long athlete, you just want to get back in shape or you’re hoping for Super Hero status, SAPT’s state-of-the-art programming, professional collegiate strength coaches and hands-on approach can guide you to the best conditioning of your life. All you need is the desire and some time. We’re about giving you real results, so no “3-weeks to a Chiseled Abs Program,” or “4-weeks to a 9” Vertical Jump Improvement Program” here.  So called, “magic bullet” training simply doesn’t work, and wastes your time and money!

Consider SAPT’s “Just Enough” Conditioning Strategy

Think getting fit/strong means training hard and enduring sore muscles (“no pain, no gain style”)? Actually, properly planned and executed training programs shouldn’t cause pain. Really! Not during the workout; not after! At SAPT, we believe in a more efficient, effective approach. We call it “just enough conditioning”, and it produces fast results sensibly - not painfully!  

Here’s what you can expect

Initially one of our certified coaches will meet with you to assess your current conditioning, previous training, physical capabilities/restrictions and discuss your objectives with you. Based on this profile, a customized training program will be designed around your needs and goals. Expect to see a protocol to build your strength levels, power output, structural integrity, mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance and so on, depending on your goals. And, all that from workouts that are challenging yet fun. Within a typical training session, you may utilize kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, bands, sandbags, and yes - sometimes even, tires and sledge hammers! While you’ll experience rapid results, our programs are designed with the “big picture” in mind! Building for your future successes is important to us, so progress sheets and body measurements are used to track your results, and confirm you’re advancing as planned.

The Perfect Fit for Everyone

At SAPT, our hands-on individualized approach is the perfect solution for those who are looking to:

  • Counteract the effects of hours behind a desk
  • Lose weight and/or improve body composition
  • Move to the next level in their sport
  • Get back into shape – potentially into the best shape of your life!
  • Find a facility and training programs they can stick with

The SAPT Community

When looking for a place to train, consider whether it’s just a place to lift weights, or is there a “community” that wants to encourage you to succeed? You’ll find SAPT has that special feel. We truly care about the well-being and progress of our trainees. Cultivating a community environment to nurture the total “package” of minds, bodies and enthusiasm is important to us. Our young athletes and adults alike often consider SAPT their “second home” and count our coaches among their friends.

Adult Training Packages include

  • Training at one of our state-of-the-art facilities, in a semi-private training environment with a community vibe.
  • Athlete to coach ratio not to exceed 8:1.
  • Hands-on coaching, and continual feedback from our staff of certified coaches to ensure proper technique is being executed and gains are achieved.
  • 24/7 Online Self-service Scheduling System access to easily manage session scheduling from any device at any time.
  • Choice of 3*, 6, 9 or 12-month training packages for the best results – *3 month programs are the minimum to deliver solid results. Year round training provides the most powerful, lasting results! (Although not recommended, training packages of shorter duration are available per request).
  • Year round flexible scheduling. Start when it works best for you, train when you want.

Select Your Training Preference:

The Nuts and Bolts Protocol

(suggested for SAPT first-timers of all ages)

  • Appointment only 60-minute semi-private sessions with certified collegiate or former collegiate coaches.
  • Excellent coach to athlete ratio.
  • State-of-the-art facilities; unsurpassed sport specific programming.
  • Up to 2 training sessions per week. Call 703.865.8010 to schedule an evaluation, or for questions.
  • Included essentials needed to elicit unmatched performance improvement and exposure to proper training practices that’ll last a lifetime.
  • Focused, challenging, results-oriented and enjoyable training sessions are experienced by all trainees in our Nuts and Bolts Protocol.

SAPT’s Finest Protocol

(recommended for those who’ve successfully completed the Nuts and Bolts Protocol)

  • SAPT’s Finest trainees may train 3 or 4x/week.
  • Appointment only 60 minute semi-private sessions with certified collegiate or former collegiate coaches.
  • The best of the best training for conditioned athletes and adults.
  • Top level programming for maximum gains and injury prevention.
  • Focused, intense, challenging and still enjoyable!
  • Perfect for preparing the conditioned athlete or adult for sports.