As the weather gets warmer…

A quick tip to keep you hydrated:

The major electrolytes that are lost in sweat are sodium, chloride, and potassium. Slugging back 16 fl. oz. of diluted Gatorade about 1.5-1hr before your game/event/training session will provide adequate levels of the above mentioned electrolytes and fluid.  Gatorade also contains the calories and carbohydrates which will provide you energy.  Consuming this concoction throughout the competition/event/training session will also be of great importance as your body craves the rapid absorption of lost electrolytes, salts, and fluids due to perspiration.  Losing too much fluid (even as little as 2% of body weight) will reduce blood volume (dehydration) which will subsequently require the heart to work harder to circulate blood leading to a significant decrease in performance.  Remember, feeling thirsty is in indicator that you are already too low on fluids.      

Eating a solid meal steep in nutrients should also be a staple of your pre-game/event/training session routine.  Remember to eat foods that are easy on your stomach as you don’t want to have “issues” during the game/event/training session.  For me, I always avoided dairy…yikes!    

I’d play hockey like a Hanson brother…and not the “MMM-BOP” Hanson brothers….