Hello! You've just been redirected to SAPT's new website! I hope you like it because, as usual, I still do all this stuff myself! So, what's so great about this new site?

  1. It looks pretty sweet.
  2. Our dedicated readership can now post comments and we can all see when comments have been posted!!!! Yay, interactivity! A big short fall or our old site was you could post a comment, but we were never notified of comments, nor could you see that comments had been posted on the live site.
  3. Chris, Steve, and I can go back to embedding video straight into our posts!!!! Another HUGE YAAYYYYY! Our old host took away this ability a couple months ago and it was a big problem.

Also, you can now follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Go ahead and friend us, follow us, and whatever Tumblr interaction is called!

- Sarah