3 Training Myths Exposed, Vol. 2

(Note: the link at the bottom takes you to my most recent OneResult article) In the first volume of this series we discussed three training mistakes happening at gyms across the country. I’d, however, be flat out lying to you if I said those are the only three I see on a daily basis.

Thus, in an effort to set the record straight here are three more myths that need to be exposed. We’re all, at one time or another, guilty of doing one or more of these, so please read on, help spread the word, and let’s set the record straight once and for all.

Mistake #4: Copious Volumes of Long Distance Running

It seems when an athlete (or even your general fitness enthusiast) seeks advice for conditioning, he or she usually hears something like:

“Let’s see, ummm….just go on a long run 2-3x/week….yeah, that should do it!”

Here are three things more productive than performing copious amounts of long distance running:

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