Random, I'll give you random...

Happy Thursday to you!  In the midst of the summer rush so please forgive my scatter-brained post! Check-out the 600lbs Amberjack...okay maybe it was only 60lbs that I caught last weekend.  This sucker was a real fighter...took me about 35 minutes to get in the boat.  Honestly, for a second I thought I had Moby Dick on the end of my line.  I'd reel-in, pull-up on the line, and he'd just take back all the drag.  Anyhow, having a strong grip (and caluses) certainly helped in this situation...I may have cried a little though...

Buttkampers, Suzanne and Bonnie (in picture below flanking the sides) competed in, and completed, the Warrior Dash a couple weeks back.  They reported that all the glute work performed at Buttkamp really helped them plow through the course.  Nice job ladies! 


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Finally, distance coaching client Frank, is still making awesome progress.  Progressive overload is working just fine right now.  He just pulled another 10lbs PR (335lbs), and below is the picture to prove it. 

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