Goal Setting at the 50% Mark

We are now halfway through 2011. Well, actually, tomorrow marks the halfway mark, but I'm preparing you in advance. You can thank me later, no worries. 50% of 2011 is gone, never to return.

How are those New Years Resolutions looking?

If your goal was to lose 30lbs of fat, have you lost 15lbs by now?

If your goal was to add 40lbs to your max squat (or bench, deadlift, weighted chinup, etc.), are you at least 20lbs stronger?

If your goal was to get in 156 workouts this year (that’s just averaging 3 workouts a week), are you on track to complete your 78th workout today?

Or even if your goal was to get in just 104 workouts this year (an average of two workouts a week), are you going in to take charge of your 52nd workout today?

It’s amazing how quickly time passes by. Don’t waste a single moment.

If your goal is fat loss, get back on track NOW. If your goal is muscle gain, start TODAY.

If your goal is to run a Marathon (*injury free*) next year, please don’t wait and try one of those “16-week” training programs (they’re a hulk of B.S., by the way). No one ever became world-class at something in 16-weeks. Begin your movement training, mobility work, dynamic flexibility, core work, energy systems development, strength training, and running training now.

Not sure where to begin, or having trouble holding yourself accountable? Easy. Hire a coach to guide you through the process. After a long day's work, the last thing you probably want is to worry about is knowing whether the workout you’re doing is actually optimal for your desired outcome.

Hiring someone to design the program for you, and walk you through the process, takes all the guesswork out for you. All you need to do is show up. Not to mention, you get to train alongside a group of other like-minded individuals, which will only fast track your progress and make training more enjoyable.

Not sure of the optimal number of sets and reps for a fat loss workout? Uncertain if you’re following the 80-20 rule in order to ensure you’re putting on muscle mass as fast as you could be? Confused as to how to efficiently prepare for your next running event? (Hint: the answer isn’t logging endless miles on the road each week).

Start now. Where are you going to be another six months from now?

It's a simple question: Look at your behaviors. Look at your goals. Do your behaviors match your goals?

But the time is going to pass anyway.