Are you a winter and/or spring sport athlete? You NEED to read this!!!

With yet another successful summer coming to a close, SAPT is gearing-up for a fall and winter full of unprecedented physical achievements! If your primary competitive season takes place in the winter, or spring, the time is NOW(!) to begin your performance training at SAPT! As our “cook’em slow” mantra suggests, physical adaptation and subsequent performance improvement doesn’t happen overnight, rather accrued through consistent hard-work over the course of a comfortable window of preparation. Don’t be left “cramming before the final,” contact us now to get a head start on your competition!

Contact us now so you may begin experiencing:

-Soft tissue techniques, activation, mobility and flexibility drills aimed at reducing mechanical asymmetries in the body, improve tissue quality and recovery rate, and reduce risk of injury.

-An accumulation block of preparation where training volume will be high to improve work capacities and allow for growth and development to occur.

-A more concentrated block of training where intensities peak and volume settles, aimed at improving maximal strength, power output, lateral agility, linear speed and acceleration.

-Tapering intensities as the competitive season draws near to allow for the acquisition of sport specific skill to become the primary focus during this time.

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You won’t be disappointed…