A smorgasbord of SAPT goodness...

Big shout-out to all the SAPT volleyballers who dominated in their respective tryouts; especially to Kenzie and Alexis, who as freshman, made their varsity squads!  Checkout Kenzie's kill deep in her end of the court during her first varsity scrimmage...the "happy dance" that ensues is just priceless.

Here's Sterling SAPTee and softball player, Jena, testing her chinups.  Her first day she could do 1/2 a rep, now she can do 3...just sayin'.  And, it wasn't just from mindlessly tuggin' on a bar; appropriately progressing your vertical pull requires a lot of careful programming, and even more focused determined effort from the trainee.  We like to blend isometrics, eccentrics, and band assisted variations.

Another Sterling SAPTee and softball player, Meghan, demonstrates some pretty vicious medball slams...sounds like a friggin' firing range.

I stumbled upon this swarthy guys youtube channel the other day. My wife says I look like a blouted blowfish when I train...love you too sweety! 

So, I'm heading-up to Michigan this weekend to take part in a very special wedding.  For those who don't know, last summer my cousin Ryan suffered a serious spinal chord injury.  He was supposed to stand in my wedding, but the severity of his injury left him physically unable to.  Well, about a year later I'll be standing-up in his, and proudly watching him WALK down the aisle, something doctors told him likely wouldn't be able to do.  If you have a second, checkout his story by clicking HERE

Not because he thought he could, but because he knew he would,