Friday Distractions

I found some great reads this week about everything from how training changes your genetics to why you shouldn't make your kids finish their meals. I've also made an effort to keep your interest by adding in some "Friday" related images from a Google search (and, believe it or not, these were actually the best ones...): With all the current discussion about minimalist/barefoot running style shoes, Runblogger points out that the best approach to finding the right fit for your feet is an individualized one: On Human Variability, Running Shoes, and Running Form: The Importance of an Individualized Approach.

Sweat Science brings amazing quality - as always - here are several fascinating posts I encourage you to check out: Training Changes Your Genetics (or rather, epigenetics), Is Leisure Time Physical Activity Irrelevant?, and Good Diet Trumps Risk of Heart Disease.

Science Daily has a post on a study that links the number of Facebook friends one has with the number of real world friends and the size of a certain region of the brain. I wonder what it means if you don't have a Facebook account?... I'm pretty skeptical about this one, but it's a fun read: Number of Facebook Friends Linked to Size of Brain Regions, study suggests

Lastly, an excellent post by Maryann Tomovich Jacbosen for Fooducate: The Annoying Kids' Eating Habit Parents Should Adopt. In this post, Maryann points out how children are naturally excellent at regulating their own caloric intake and that skill is lost over time as parents often encourage their children to ignore feelings of satiety and "finish everything on your plate."