New Website, New Coach - New Ideas All Around!

I've got a couple awesome announcements:

  1. For awhile now I've wanted to have a sister website to Over the years, I've noticed all the quality training related sites tend to be male-centric. Even at, our readership is vastly male. For the few sites dedicated to females, I feel there is something left to be desired. There seem to be two camps of female driven training sites - the ones that are used as personal diaries of sorts and the ones that... how can I say this delicately... end up being male-centric due to the nature of some of the posts. Now there is nothing wrong with putting up a personal diary of your accomplishments and struggles. In fact, I think this is fantastic and will provide motivation to numerous individuals who can relate. There's also nothing wrong with "strutting your stuff" via photo or video, but let's face it... that doesn't exactly scream PROFESSIONALISM, does it? So, my goal with this sister site: is to provide quality information by professional strength coaches presented in a professional manner for the female training population. Please check us out and spread the word to your daughters, wives, girlfriends, and awesome females of all walks of life via Facebook, Twitter, email, text, or messenger pigeon. I appreciate our readership's support every single day and know you'll support us in the effort to enhance the female training conversation!
  2. What's the tipping point on getting this new site up and running? Well, it just happens to be SAPT has now been fortified with another crazy strong, crazy awesome female coach. Her name is Kelsey Reed and, yes, she does happen to be recently married to the famous Stevo Reed. Check out her bio and be sure to check out her upcoming blog entries for both and!