A Small Favor to Ask

Not gonna lie, I'm fairly swamped this morning. With 19 training programs to whip up, along with responding to the usual bank of emails and attending to operational needs - on top of ensuring I make it into the gym in time to keep Ryan from hurting himself - I'm in a bit of a time crunch. That being said, I have time for just a small favor to ask. Can you all please, pretty please (with a cherry on top), "Like" SAPT on Facebook?

Click Me ==> "Like" SAPT <== Click Me

If you enjoy reading the information we put out, and/or have benefited in any way from our posts, we would really appreciate it. We really do put a lot of time and effort into handing out quality stuff to our readers, and this way we can help you stay in the loop of when we put new stuff out there; not just blog posts, but free distance training offers, clothing give-aways, and the like.

I'll be honest, I used to think the whole "Like-ing" thing was ridiculous. Heck, I'm embarrassed to admit it but only six months ago I didn't even know what the term "social media" referred to when Ryan first threw that strange word at me. Yeah, I'm that hip. That "with" the current trends, if you will.

However, I've realized that, for me personally, it has given me a method of supporting - at least in a small way - groups that I've learned something and/or bettered myself from. Given that I've never pushed SAPT's social media on here before (we're new to it as a business ourselves), I thought it'd be worth a shot with you all.

Soooo, please click HERE to give us some lovin'! All the cool kids are doin' it.