SAPT 5-Year Anniversary Sale!

(Note: This is a message from Sarah Walls, the SAPT President.) In honor of a summer-long celebration for SAPT’s 5th Anniversary, we’re offering a 25% discount on ALL paid-in-full session packages* until Thursday, May 24th!

For our most popular Nuts-&-Bolts package, the savings will top $175 and for our twice-weekly adult training package, the savings will easily exceed $225!

As I just now begin to reflect on the last 5-years of my life, numerous memories come to the forefront of my thought and – I can admit – they are overwhelmingly positive. My life has been enriched in ways I could have never imagined when I conceived the foundational ideas for SAPT in 2007.

We’ve survived and continue to press forward in, what can be described as, a TRUE small business start-up situation. What does this mean? It means I’ve never had any big (or small) financial backers or fancy back-office support staff. My husband and I managed to scrape together enough money for the bare minimums and grew from there with the support of a fiercely loyal clientele and amazing set of coaches.

Please take advantage of this 25% session discount offer – I’ve NEVER offered an across-the-board discount like this and will probably not offer another one until we’re prepared to celebrate 10-Years of SAPT Goodness!

Here are 5 SAPT “Growing Pains” Facts that – up until today - only a few of us knew about:

  1. For the first – oh, I don’t know – 6-months or so, we conducted business from an ancient folding table placed in the corner of our current Pickett Road facility. Chris sat on top of several stacked sandbags and I sat in a folding camping-style chair (gotta keep up appearances - I was the boss, after all).
  2. Before moving into our permanent training facility, we would host Saturday morning sessions in the Field House at George Mason University. One morning I had the group stretching in a racquetball court at the end of the session… it was completely silent… then we all heard something small fall to the ground from, well, to this day I don’t know where. “It” fell near one of the girls. “It” was a very old broken tooth! Let me tell you, an old tooth is NOT what you want to have a 14-year old girl find while she’s laying on the ground stretching.
  3. Our beautiful Sorinex Base Camp racks were ordered and scheduled to be delivered in conjunction with the opening of the training facility. We received delivery of the bars, plates, and kettlebells within a week. But the racks were delivered 4-months late! 4-months! Writing this, I still believe this was an unacceptable situation on Sorinex’s part, but I must also acknowledge that what I (at the time) considered missing VITAL training equipment helped us forge our exceptionally Spartan training style. We were forced to refine the basics for our clients and ourselves. I suppose it was a blessing in disguise. Our clients can thank Sorinex for the development of the multitude of variations for EVERY sandbag, tire, sledgehammer, kettlebell, band, body weight, and slosh pipe exercise introduced in 2008.
  4. In April 2008, northern Virginia was experiencing severe rain storms almost every evening. I remember well because our “well-maintained” facility we’d recently moved into was springing leaks from the roof in honor of each storm. One evening – it was raining quite steadily outside - I was wrapping up a trial session by taking the athlete through a ground-based stretch when the roof drainage pipe above us burst. All… over… her. You see, there are two roof drain pipes in our unit and up to this moment, only the other one was leaking. It was mortifying. But as this athlete is an exceptional young-woman, she still signed up and trained for years before heading off to college to play soccer.
  5. Personally, this last one I think is pretty funny: for at least 6-months SAPT did not have internet. Instead there is a very weak free signal that we would tap into daily (you just had to sign-up every 24-hours). But the signal was so weak, you literally had to walk outside and hold your laptop up towards the sky while praying for the free daily internet god to transfer the data to its final destination.

All those challenges are definitely funny to look back on… but, WOW, in the moment… no thanks!

Please take advantage of this once-every-five-years deal! 25% is nothing to shake a stick at! It is open to current clients, new clients, anyone! Just submit your info here OR email Kelsey directly at:

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*A minimum package purchase of 12-weeks at 2-sessions per week applies to receive this special discount.