The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Won't Tell You

I"m filling in for Kelsey this morning - teaching the women"s A.M. group class (these ladies are awesome!) - so I"m currently crunched for time in between two of the classes.

I thought I"d pass along a phenomenal short article I recently read by Adam Bornstein (former Fitness Editor for Men"s Health, and current Editorial Director for

The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Won"t Tell You

What? It takes online casino one hour to teach a great-looking fitness models to do a decent pushup? Muscle "Tone" is BS?

I found myself tipping my hat to Adam for stepping out on a limb (given that he"s the editor of a major magazine himself) and telling people the truth of what goes on behind the scenes of major fitness magazines. Give it a quick read, and share it with your friends.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!