Congratulations to Kelsey!

With the current sale that ends this Thursday (be sure to sign up in case you missed it!), Kelsey and I have been seemingly drowning in a pool of emails to respond to and programs to be written. Kelsey named our current situation "Medusa" as, for those of you not-so-well-versed in Greek mythology, 5 new emails/programs will pop up for every 1 written. Given this, I've had much less time than usual to write articles and compose blog entries, but I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Kelsey on her completion of the RKC certification this past weekend. It was 23 hours (yes, TWENTY THREE hours) of rigorous coaching, training, and refining; and the attendees had to pass a pretty arduous test at the end of it in order to walk away with the certification.

One of the things I like so much about the RKC is that their standards are nothing to be sneezed at, and that they are a school of strength and form. According to them, the two are intertwined (something I find many individuals/organizations seem to miss....), and I found myself frequently nodding in agreement when Kelsey would arrive home each night and fill me in on what she learned/did. Not to mention, Pavel (head Yoda of the RKC), is the co-author of Easy Strength, the "no BS" book on all things strength training that I find myself continuing to recommend to fellow strength coaches in the field.

(Note: Kelsey wrote a brief synopsis of her experience HERE)

Just yesterday, Kelsey attempted a Turkish Get-Up with a 28kg (62lbs) kettlebell for the first time, putting into practice a few of the techniques she picked up over the weekend. Needless to say, she nailed it:

Not bad for a woman that weighs just over 50 kilos!

I've been REALLY proud of her as she's learned to train, intelligently, around her injuries (torn labrums in both hips, along with a few herniated lumbar discs), and I'm quite excited to see her continue to press forward despite numerous setbacks in her training. She trained her butt off for this past weekend, and passed with flying colors.

In addition, I've already witnessed HUGE dividends - regards to our continued refinement of coaching at SAPT - as a result of everything Kelsey learned throughout the RKC course over the weekend.

Congratulations, babe!!