Olympic Trials, Wimbledon, Where I've Been

So, today is my first post in about 4-weeks. It feels kind of awkward... like if you've been purposely avoiding someone and then run into them at a store. I, of course, haven't been purposely avoiding my posts, I just feel kind of bad that I've been breaking my own rules. You see, we have two simple rules for SAPT posts: get it up by 10am and make sure there is fresh content every day of the week. Obvisouly, I break the 10am rule almost every week and recently had to break the fresh content rule, too.

Sigh! It couldn't be helped... I have at least four partially finished posts marked as "draft" just waiting to be completed.

Well, here's a quick wrap-up of some recent events:

  1. Two track athletes I coach at Mason made it to the Olympic Trails. One went for the long jump and triple jump and the other for 400m. I'm proud to say David made it to the FINALS in the 400m. WOW. He said it was pretty amazing to be running next to the legends he grew up watching on TV.
  2. Wimbledon is easily my favorite sporting event of the year.Easily! I started watching it when I was bored one summer (I think I was about 14 years old) and got hooked. To this day I can't really explain why my love of Wimbledon does not extend to other major tennis tournaments. Serena Williams is also easily my favorite female athlete. I feel strongly that if the other women trained in a way that would help them gain a little of what Serena's training and genetics have provided, we'd see a lot more power and explosiveness in the game. Tennis players at the college level are notorious for placing little value on the type of physical preparation that will help "first-step" and other power indicators.
  3. My training is in the toilet.
  4. We've got two new service offerings that will take place at the old SAPT on Pickett: Team Training (we've received about a bazillion requests for low-cost team training over the years, so here ya go!) and Batting Cages designed for soft-toss and tee work. Stay tuned for the roll-out of both! More info to come shortly.

That's it. Sorry about not providing any eye-candy. Maybe I'll get a chance to update this later on.