SAPT's New Facility: Q's & A's

Well, we've been in the new facility for about 10 days and I've already been able to spend more time at my desk than I have in ages. This is a pretty big deal because I'll have the baby with me - something that was simply not possible at the other space. That space was always either too hot or too cold for small children (and most other humans, ha)... and on the few days of the year when the temperature happened to be ideal, then I'd have the dirt floating in from outside to worry about. I suppose because of the speed with which we made the move, we've had some questions and curiosities come up from a few of our clientele regarding certain decisions.

So, here is a bit of a Q&A about our new digs:

Q: Seems like you guys just up and moved overnight. Why such a fast and abrupt transition? A: I figured it was better to aggressively make the transition over when we were 85% ready than wait for the next 100 degree days (ahem, there happen to be another cluster of them coming today). Thus, why we've needed an bit of an adjustment period for training floor flow.

Q: The new space is smaller than the old one... what gives? A: Well, I hate to break it to you, but we actually had TOO much square footage before. In fact, I have been experimenting with session size over the last 9 months in an effort to make the most of the abundant square footage we had. But, after careful thought and review of how sessions were flowing, observation of both coaches and clients during sessions, I made the decision to STAY SMALL!

We've actually decreased the session size for each hour with our move to the new space. Shocking, I know - you are officially in the presence of someone who has fully committed to quality over quantity. As a side note, our new space is STILL larger that the weight rooms I've worked in at both VCU and Mason. In both places I've witnessed in excess of 50 athletes training simultaneously. So, have no fear! We can make a session that's capped at 8 work pretty well in comparison.

Q: The temperature on the training floor seems a bit warm - didn't you say we have A/C now? A: We sure do have A/C! But that doesn't change the fact that I'm one hell of a penny pincher AND that I genuinely can't stand training areas that are kept too cold. Plus, I generally consider 78 degrees an ideal day in the outdoors! The point is to get warm and sweat a bit, you know? It's all part of the fun! Some may prefer cooler, some warmer, but at least it's not 110.

Q: Those offices are pretty nice. What do you guys do all day that you need offices? A: This may be an "Ah-ha" moment for some people, but we actually spend a great deal of time at our desks planning programs, researching training methods, engaging with clients via phone and email, writing blog posts, pursuing new business, etc. There's a reason we're as good as we are: preparation!

The offices are actually a very big deal to me, personally, for several reasons: 1. We need them (see above). 2. As the owner of a business whose primary concern and "claim to fame" is the best quality with the best coaches in the DC Metro area, I NEED to keep the SAPT coaches happy, comfortable, and feeling a sense of progress at most times. They deserve it! 3. SAPT was started with Chris sitting on sandbags, while I occupied a folding camp chair, and we huddled around a folding card table from Chris' college apartment. So, to come from that distant point 5 years ago to these beautiful and comfortable offices is something that I will never take for granted. 4. You probably work in a building with modern, clean offices, climate control, and a conference table. We've wanted to achieve the same thing!

Q: Where can I park? A: ANYWHERE - none of the businesses have assigned parking, so take your pick! The whole lot is at your disposal. And if anyone suggests differently, let me know.

Q: What's happening at the old facility? A: Secretive and magical things! Haaaa, I wish I had some magic to work with. Actually, we're retaining the space to begin offering some new services (team training and batting cages). And if one more wannabe Crossfit owner calls me to ask when I'm moving out, my head will probably pop off!

Q: You've cancelled Buttkamp?!? A: I have no problem admitting when I've made an error and this was an error. Buttkamp classes will resume next Tuesday. Thanks to all for letting us know how much you love the class and Kelsey!

I think that about wraps up the main questions that have come up over the last week and a half.

It's always wonderfully humbling for me to (re)discover how much our clientele care about SAPT and the health of our business.

Thank you for all the questions and comments!