Squat Grip Revisited

I still feel people aren’t grasping the importance of a proper squat set up in regards to the upper body.  The whole movement starts from the upper body so to have that first line of defense be lackluster will undoubtedly make the entire lift suffer.  The goal of the upper body during the squat is to be as tight as possible; engaging every muscle from the scapular retractors all the way to the spinal erectors and everything in between.  I will inform you now that using a grip with a “bent” or “lazy” wrist position will prevent your squat from being all that it could be.  Failing to straighten the wrist during a squat will cause a failure to engage all necessary musculature equaling out to “force leaks” both in the eccentric and concentric portions of the lift.  I have posted the video below before but I figured I would post it again to show people how to use a different type of squat grip in order to overcome mobility problems to achieve a straight writs position.  Check it out again!