Videos to Make Your Day Better

This week has been crazy busy both business and personally so I thought I would post some videos and showcase some of our clients and our student-athletes latest triumphs.  We've got a 9 year old pushing a prowler, adults smoking a 300lbs deadlift, a female walking around with 150lbs in her hands like its her job, and finally an 810lbs prowler push!  Enjoy my friends, I know I did. First here is our youngest athlete at SAPT, Sydney.  This little girl is on a mission to be anything but little.  She loves moving weight! Check our her Prowler Push.

Second is the infamous Lisa S. You may know her from her previous million pound PR's.  Well this was her last max out attempt for a while so she went all out and got 300lbs! Another 25lbs PR!

Third is our resident female badass, Nancy.  Nancy is going to be a freshman in college going in with a ROTC scholarship.  It's safe to say she will be one of the strongest people there! Here is her 150lbs farmer walk!

And last but not least is Red, perhaps one of most tenured athletes at SAPT.  Red is getting ready to head off to his freshman year at VMI to play baseball.  But before he left I allowed him to put on as much weight on the Prowler as he wanted.  He put 9 plates on EACH side, that's 810lbs!! It only took him 6 minutes to do.


As a side note I just want to say thank you to all of our athletes that are heading off to school.  You all worked so hard and showed tremendous drive and heart every time you came in.  I am truly blown away by your dedication and drive to be better than average.  You guys are the reason I love my job and I am thankful to know you all.  SAPT has become a second family to me and the appreciation you all have shown to all the coaches has been humbling.  To steal a line from Robert Griffin III... SAPT we are, and SAPT we'll always be...