It's History, Not Right or Wrong

Yesterday I came across a paragraph in a Charlie Francis manual that said something to the effect of: As coaches and athletes, we shouldn't allow ourselves to get so wrapped up into what's right or wrong. Everything is simply history (and, often, history-in-the-making) that can help to inform further progress and even more effective training means and methods. What a wonderful thought! After all, there are an infinite number of ways to arrive at the same conclusion or result.

Who's to say the below video isn't the BEST way to train a libero? (fast forward to :35 mark and go from there):

Who's to say wearing board-shorts and no shirt isn't the most effective training gear? Watch out on this one... there's some rough language:

OH... MY... GOD... Apparently this guy has been doing this for years without injury...Who's to say this is wrong? Me, I'll say it on this one:

The opinions and methods of other coaches, facilities, and training plans definitely deserve respect. It's all just history-in-the-making!