Identify Identity

The establishment of roles is an important element of a team’s success.

While roles often call for individual sacrifice, it’s important to also indentify the identity of the athlete.  As an athlete, you should spell out the concrete elements of your personality that will remain unchanged regardless of the role needed from the team.

Consider the identification card below as your “athlete license."   Bring the license with you everywhere you go.  Your identity should remain unchanged regardless of environment, circumstance, or people.  It’s important to renew your license when it becomes expired (every three years), to make sure that all of the information is accurate.   Cut it out, keep it in your locker, wallet, or gym bag.  Always make sure to identify your identity and hang your hat on what makes you, you.

Identification CardIt doesn't have to be quite so pretty and pink, but consider filling a card out with the following questions answered:

Where are you from?  Why does this matter?

Who helps hold you accountable for your actions?

How does sport impact who you are? 

What traits define you as an athlete?