Sign Up for the SAPT 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Lift

Thanksgiving morning we will be hosting the SAPT 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Lift. It goes without saying that it is an utter blast, and a great way to prep your body for the inevitable engorging to take place during the Turkey Feast later in the day.

Sign Up Details

We're actually having a sign up this year, to ensure that we're not overcrowded and everyone has ample room to move around. You can sign up for either 8am or 930am. We'll be shutting down at 11am. Please contact Kelsey, at, and let her know what time you'd like to arrive, and to make sure you have a spot.

Also: Note that you don't have to be a current member of SAPT to join in the fun. We love to use this as a time for friends, family, and those who simply live locally (or not so locally, as we have those driving up from Richmond), to share a good time before heading off to our respective celebrations!