Body-Mind Connection

You have heard it before.  Your mind has a huge impact on your body.  Our decision-making and free will dictates our eating and exercising habits, which have a great impact on our overall health.  This is nothing new.  We know our mind determines how motivated we are to act, which fluctuates just like our overall health. While the mind-body connection is often talked about in this very space, the body-mind connection has also been making recent news.  This article talks about how exercise can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Cyrus Raji conducted a study on the power of exercise amongst the elderly.  Raji found that calories burned greatly impacts the amount of gray matter in the hippocampus, which effects memory.  Raji even goes as far as to say, “No pharmaceutical drug on the market has been shown to have these effects on the brain -- not a single drug,”

So while we often talk about the mind-body connection, let’s not ignore the body-mind connection.  What shape our body is in can often determine how strong our mind is.  Make sure your body and mind are active and don’t let either become complacent.  They are depending on each other.