6 Things I Learned During My Internship at SAPT

Today's guest post comes from Jessica, one of our (awesome!) interns from this past Fall. Hope you enjoy.  It has been an awesome semester at SAPT! I learned a lot about coaching, correct technique, problem solving, communication, and lots more. In this post I want to share six things I learned on a deeper level during my internship.

1. Correct technique is important!

It is obvious just being in SAPT a short while that technique is heavily emphasized and for good reason! Sloppy form doesn’t strengthen effectively and creates injury.

2. Everyone needs a coach!

No one is above needing a coach! The body wants to slip back into bad habits or rely on the path of least resistance instead of use the right muscles. Even using a mirror doesn’t give you the full perspective. There were countless times this semester when a coach would provide simple feedback that made a huge difference in the quality of a movement a client was performing. Coaching is invaluable!

3. THINK about what you are doing.

Just because something looks cool doesn’t mean it’s a good exercise. When you are doing an exercise, think about the purpose behind it; don’t just assume it is beneficial.

4. Work hard!

I was so impressed throughout the semester at how hard the clients work at SAPT. Those that worked hard every time they came in became stronger. Also those were thoughtful about every movement and didn’t rush were the ones who had good form and benefited the most. The few who rushed through the workout weren’t experiencing the full benefits.

5.  It is important to be able to receive correction.

Coaches correct because they care! If they didn’t care, they would let clients do the movement wrong.  If you aren’t able to receive correction you will be stunted in your growth. But if you take it in and change what you are doing, you will be able to reach your goals.

6.  You can accomplish great things!

Maybe it sounds cheesy but its true! There are way too many lies out there about how people can’t accomplish fitness goals because of their gender, age or even past injuries they’ve had.  It has been great seeing various clients break these stereotypes and meet their goals regardless.

Tadashi and I graduated from George Mason last week which was a great way to end the semester. I know I will be better prepared as I meet whatever comes next because of my time at SAPT. Thank you again to everyone for a great semester! I am glad to have met and worked with you all. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.