50/50 Video Highlights: American University Wrestling and Georgetown Prep Lacrosse

Over the past couple months I've had a tremendous opportunity to partner up with mental coach Brian Levenson through providing day-long "camps" for athletic teams looking to take it to the next level with respect to their physical AND mental performance. These camps are appropriately titled "The 50/50 Challenge," as they encompass a grueling combination of physical and mental challenges to help teams improve cohesion and learn to handle and overcome adversity. Brian is extremely good at what he does - he has a tremendous track record with amateur and professional athlete alike - so these events are particularly rewarding for me, being a "physical preparation specialist," as I get to work right alongside an accomplished mental coach to help athletes improve not only the physical component of their sport, but the mental element as well.

In general, what we've been doing with the teams thus far is pairing up series of physical challenges with mental ones, and sitting down to "debrief" after each pairing in order for the athletes to see how what they just learned/accomplished can help them improve in their sport, both as a team and as individuals.

The primary themes we focus on are:

  1. Focus and Concentration
  2. Team Cohesion
  3. Preparation/Routine
  4. Energy Management
  5. Controlling Controllables

Just yesterday Brian decided to get his Quentin Tarantino on and compile some video highlights from two of the teams we've worked with: American University Wrestling and Georgetown Prep Lacrosse. It was super enjoyable to work with both these teams as each team was made of not only athletic, but also intelligent and extremely driven individuals. Enjoy!

American University Wrestling Team

Georgetown Prep Lacrosse Team

**Note: If you'd like to schedule a 50/50 Challenge for your team, please don't hesitate to contact either Brian (Brian@capeperformance.com) or me (Steve@studentathletept.com)**