Ryan Wood at Aggressive Strength’s SPF Powerlifting Meet

About a week and a half ago a good friend and former SAPT coach Ryan Wood competed in his most recent powerlifting meet. I once again served as his “handler” for the meet. A “handler” is basically the lifter’s personal assistant throughout the meet, helping him/her into and out of their powerlifing gear, assisting with warm-ups, wrapping knees, and basically taking care of all miscellaneous business so that the lifter can focus on three things: squatting, benching, and deadlifting!

Here is a recap of his performance that earned him first place in the 181 single-ply division!


The squat is definitely Ryan’s best lift. He opened up with an EASY 390, and cruised right through his second attempt of 425. From there we called for 450 on his third attempt, which flew up surprisingly fast. 3 for 3 on the squat, with a 19lb PR!



My biggest concern with Ryan’s bench was waiting for the “rack” call on the attempts. Failing to wait for the head judge to give a “rack” call before placing the bar back onto the hooks will result in a missed lift, no matter how pretty the actual bench press looked. Some of Ryan’s training partners let me know that he was falling into the habit of racking the bar too early, so with every attempt I made sure the last thing he heard from me was “wait for the ‘rack’”.

His opener of 295 looked like dynamic effort work (it was lightning fast), and proceeded to hit 325 with no problem. His third attempt was 350, which was a grind, but he pushed through it and locked it out. All commands from the judge were obeyed and he went 3 for 3 on the bench, with a whopping 48lb PR!



Ryan will be the first to tell you that the deadlift is his arch nemesis. It is continually improving, but has always been a weak point in his powerlifting repetoire. He opened up with 375, a very clean pull. Second attempt was 405, which wasn’t too slow, but it definitely drained him. We called for 425 for his third attempt, and although he gave it a good ride the bar wouldn’t budge past his knees. 2 for 3 on the deadlift, but still walked away with a 2lb PR!



All in all Ryan ended up with a 1205 total, a 69lb total PR, and 1st Place in his division! His consistency and hard work during his meet prep paid off, and got to leave the meet with some new numbers in the books, a plaque, and some new goals to achieve in his next meet. Big thanks to all those who came and showed support!