Give Me Strength: Monthly Wrap Up

Today is the last day of July 2013 and marks the conclusion of SAPT's first month of pre-planned and themed content for you, our precious readers, to gobble up! Throughout the 14 total posts we put up, you'll find information on everything related to the importance of strength as it relates not simply to athletic performance, but also to fitness enthusiasts, distance runners, and desk jockeys (like I am now!).

If there is one thing we're passionate about at SAPT... well, there are about infinity things we're passionate about... but, if I had to pick just one, it would be that STRENGTH is the most important factor in reaching virtually any goal. I mean, after all, there is loads of research pouring out validating the importance of strength training and exercise for everything from mother-fetus health during pregnancy to impacting the way the brain functions to everything in-between.

Steve & Sarah's working relationship.

We've got a new and very sport specific theme for the month of August. Please check back on Friday for Stevo's killer introduction to the month!