Updates: Rugby, Tysons, New Coach, Vegas

This post is really off the topic I'm supposed to be covering today, but I've got too many important (and awesome) updates! Beautiful day at Rosecroft.

1. On Saturday I went out to watch the Washington Rugby Football Club at a pre-season warm-up tournament. It was an amazing day and the WRFC did quite well during the matches I saw.

SAPT will be working with the club in the coming months to refine as much of their strength and conditioning related needs as possible. There's no question, these guys train! The majority of the guys are what I'd describe as "BIG DUDES" but - as is a common misconception - just because you're a big dude, doesn't mean you can't learn better techniques, best practices, and generally step your game up to improve your training and become an even bigger, more deadly dude!

We'll start by working with the team on implementing a rotation of warm-ups. I like using warm-up rotations as it keeps the monotony down and allows us to match warm-ups with the practice to come. Why look like a bozo doing some high-intensity, "ready to crush anything" warm-up if the team has a very low-key recovery day at practice? We'll also be refining their pre-game routine and cool-downs.

2. Our new Tysons location is almost ready! Construction is going on right now to fix the floors and install showers. Our first day is set for Monday, September 16th!

SAPT's new home in Tysons!

Thank you to Custom Kinetics for helping making this possible!

3. Please welcome Jarrett Brummett as SAPT's newest coach! You may have already met Jarrett during his internship with us last summer. He was one of the interns that really stood out and we new was the most logical choice when we learned Tadashi would be leaving to head into a pre-med program.

4. Ryan and I are in Las Vegas right now (still) celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary.

Not the "repair" people like me want to make per the flight attendant's suggestion. Not reassuring Delta!


Fortunately, the drip over my head was not important to the function of the plane! We made it into the air. No, I do not care for flight.

One of the figures at the Hoover Dam - I LOVE ART DECO!


View of the dam.

Vegas Hotel

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