SAPT Tackles Strength and Conditioning for Football

Question: What is the first sport to come to mind when you hear the words, "power," "explosive," "speed," "agility," or "brute strength?" Why, America's favorite: FOOTBALL!

SAPT, with our impeccable timing post-Super Bowl, will be highlighting strength and conditioning for football players this month. We have a fantastic wealth of information that we're going to throw out there. It's likely that you'll find a lot of the conventional training techniques for football players (pro level all the way down to little league) will be stood on their heads and punted down the field by the SAPT coaches. We're not purposely trying to be revolutionary, but most of the typical "traditional" methods of training are woefully out of date. We hope to enlighten, challenge, and encourage football coaches and players to maintain an open mind as they read our posts this month and perhaps, we'll be able to show you more effective, safe, and efficient training methods.

This month you'll read about energy system training, position specific training for offensive and defensive players, concussion prevention and mitigation, tackling techniques, shoulder and hip care for quarterbacks and kickers, as well as a few surprising posts that include breathing patterns and yoga (WHA???).

We invite you to read the blog this month and see what can create and unstoppable football machine!