Awesome Athlete Updates

A few cool updates: 1. Huge congratulations to Soolmaz Abooali!

We posted last week on our Facebook page that she competed in 17th World Traditional Karate-Do Championship in Geneva. She dominated and took 4th! She is 4th in the WORLD. That's pretty stinkin' awesome and we're super proud of her and are looking forward to when she conquers the 18th World Championship!

2. Victoria nailed her first bodyweight chin-up two weeks ago and I thought I'd share it.

Victoria worked hard all summer and has improved in more ways that just the chin-up department. It's always a huge encouragement to me when our female athletes rock it in the weight room and attack their workouts with vigor.

3.  2 of our baseball boys committed to colleges recently. Mitch Blackstone committed to Cornell, and Shane Russell to Lynchburg. Great job guys!

4. There is a powerlifting meet in mid-December. We have multiple people from SAPT competing: Conrad Mann, Ron Reed, Matt Gerald, Mike Snowden (SAPT's own coach), and Amanda Santiago (who is killin' her meet prep and destroying her old maxes.) Come out and support us!

That's all for now, though I'm sure we'll have more in the next month!