Athlete Spotlight: Conrad "The Man" Mann

Today's post is to highlight an athlete who has been frequenting SAPT for a number of years, Conrad Mann.

Conrad is the co-owner of David Mann Jewelers (in case you are looking for Christmas presents for that special someone)and has an extensive athletic background in soccer. In fact, he was actually the 2001 Boys' Coach of the Year for Virginia and served time as a Virginia Olympic Development Coach for the sport. Though he still loves soccer, Conrad has switched his focus to another passion in recent years, lifting heavy things.

Conrad has been training for powerlifting for a number of years now and we are psyched to have him as one of the lifters to represent SAPT in the upcoming 13th Annual USAPL American Open. Through these years, he has had to overcome several obstacles in his training  and watching his determination to do so has been nothing short of inspiring. In August of 2011 Conrad went through a knee replacement, then in June 2012 he had the other one replaced. Now at 66 years young and with two fake knees, Conrad shows the meaning of, "no excuses."

Here you can see just how strong Conrad really is as he lifts 315 with plenty of speed(a new PR!). What you're not seeing is his 215 bench and 100 lb weighted chinup. We're proud of you Conrad and can't wait for the meet!