Get Smarter Today! Strength Training for Your Brain

We haven't done a post like this in a while and I thought I'd start the practice back up again. There are a plethora of smart people out there, most of whom we learn from, so I figured our readers could too! 5 Steps to Managing Large Groups- Sarah Walls

Did you all know that Sarah, founder and owner of SAPT, also founded and owns a second company? For those who don't know, it's called Concentric Brain and it's a software solution for fitness professionals. It makes the program writing process faster, and believe you me, anything that helps with that is gold. They have a blog so check out the link above (as well as the other posts.... it's also where Steve Reed has transferred his splendid writing skills).

Fix Your Knees, Get Bigger & Stronger- Tony Gentilcore

Tony is a great coach, not only because he's a pretty smart dude, but he walks the walk. He trains hard and knows what it's like to train around pain. If you have knee pain, this is the article for you!

What Happens to Your Body During a Cleanse - Thorin Klosowski

Aside from having a spectacular name, Thorin does a fine job of debunking the detoxing junk that is spewed forth from every direction. If you feel like your body needs a cleanse, read this first, then go eat some vegetables. Your body will thank you.

How Flip-Flops Change Your Feet- Katy Bowman

Katy is a biomechanist and blows my mind every time I read a post of hers. This one has less nerd-speak than some of the others and illuminates why flip flops are, well, not the best footware choice. I highly recommend perusing the rest of her site, but I'll send this post your way to whet your appetite!

These should keep you occupied until next week!