Band Resisted Lateral Walks

 For the lateral athlete such as a short stop or defended who primarily moves in a lateral or side to side manner it is important to strengthen these patterns to help the athlete move more efficiently. One exercise I like to help develop the hip abductors would be the Band Resisted Lateral Walks. It's an incredibly easy to set up as you just have to step into a band and because the band is around the back of your neck it serves as a constant reminder to keep your head and torso upright throughout the exercise..
Here are a few quick cues to help get the most out of this exercise:
  • Keep your chest up. Stabilize against the band which is working to pull you down. If someone was looking at you they should have no issue seeing the design on your shirt
  • Your working leg will be the leg opposite the direction you are moving. For example push with your right leg when moving to the left and focus directing yourself across the ground as opposed to moving vertically
  • Focus on staying low throughout the movement