Get A Grip

The quest for added grip strength is a never ending battle in life or sports and whether you are looking to catch more balls in a game or just have a handshake that stands out from the crowd training this quality should be considered in your program. In today’s post we will discuss two of my favorite exercises for athletes looking for added gripping strength.

Thick Bar Pull Ups

If you find yourself blasting through sets of pull ups these days try adding a Fat Gripz like tool or a thick bar as a way to concurrently develop the upper back and forearm muscles. Don’t be surprised if you don’t accomplish your usual amount of reps on the first couple times but you will over time build up and feel like a monster when you get back to the standard pull up bar. If you a not good If you can’t do about 5 pull ups on a standard pull up bar I would recommend starting with the towel grip inverted row discussed below.

Towel Grip Inverted Row

I like this exercise because of its simplicity and versatility. The exercise can be progressed and regressed in numerous ways by rather lowering or raising the bar. Shortening or lengthening the lever arm of this exercise by having the athlete bend or straighten their legs can also be done to adjust the difficulty. Along with working the grip I recommend trying to pull the towel apart as you rise for an added challenge.

If you are up for an increased challenge you can perform these with your feet elevated as Steve does in the video. Give these two exercises a try and I'm sure they will help stop any balls that come near your baseball glove.