The Lateral Lunge Today I had the opportunity to go into the gym and reconnect with some of my favorite exercises of the past with one of them being the goblet lateral lunge. Too often in modern times gym goers and athletes alike have restricted themselves to movements in a strictly forward or backwards pattern.

One of my favorite attributes with the lateral lunge is that like the goblet squat the placement of the weight puts athletes in a counterbalanced position that can allow them to perform the exercise safely and confidently. During the exercise if an athlete feels as though he or she is about to fall backwards they can simply move the weighted implement away from their body to regain their balance.

This exercise also does a tremendous job of helping the overall development of the stability of the knee joint and improving the dynamic flexibility of the adductor muscle group responsible for moving and stabilizing the leg and pelvis.

Key Points:

  • Try to maintain an upright torso throughout the movement
  • Allow your leading knee to stay in line with your toes