The A Skip

Today we will take a closer look at the A Skip running drill. There aren’t many things worse than being outran by someone either in competition or when trying to snag a seat on the Metro and this drill is here to help you with your high speed running mechanics. The purpose of the A skip drill is to improve the coordination of your upper and lower limbs during running while also engraining proper arm and leg positioning into your movement library. Below is a video of the A-skip in action with solid technique.

Key Points:

  • Maintain a tall posture keeping the hips and chest up throughout the movement to avoid slouching
  • Arms rotate from the shoulders
  • Elbows bent at 90?
  • Avoid rotation and focus up keeping movement in a strictly forward and backwards motion
  • Find you rhythm and stay relaxed to avoid looking like a malfunctioning robot
  • Keep your knee and toes up and quickly strike the ground

For those who don’t feel comfortable hopping directly into a skips this drill can be regressed by following the key points listed above and turning it into a march like the video shown below.