The Apple Health App

Today I just wanted to share this really cool article that I found by the tech savvy folks over at PC Magazine. The Health app is one of the many built in apps on many late generation Iphones. Many of these apps such as Newstand are a bit annoying but for those looking to track and store health and wellness data at their fingertips the Health app can be a great tool.

Since reading this article I have began using the app to track my daily steps and mileage and often find it fun to challenge myself to go further. Today I have already gotten over 24,000 steps!!! Another great feature of this app is its ability to play nicely  and share information with other health and fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal. This makes things much easier to track as everything rolls into a centralized app.

If you have an Iphone I highly recommend checking out the Health app and seeing if any of its capabilities can help you in your health and well situation whether you are trying to track macronutrient intake or keep track of your steps.