Friday Finisher: Start the Weekend With A Bang

Quick post today since my last one was rather heavy. 

As I've posited before, who doesn't love a good finisher? If you missed the one about kettlebell complexes, it's ok, you can catch up HERE. Again,  a finisher is a tool to increase the caloric burn of a work out, they're short, intense, and generally unpleasant but effective, and make you feel like a rockstar walking out of the gym. 

Today's finisher idea is a simple, yet rather brutal end to a workout. 

Complete the following as fast as possible (but with GOOD form, adjust your pushups as needed):

10 Pushups

Prowler/sled push 25 yards

9 pushups

Prowler push 25 yds...

Continue down to 5 pushups. (total of 6 prowler passes).

Don't have a prowler or a sled? No problem, you can sub out the prowler push for a 50 yard dash. If you're really feeling masochist, you can go from 10 down to 1 pushup (though I don't recommend that after a tough lifting workout). 

I guarantee your lungs and legs will hate you. But you'll be ready for the Hunger Games.