Pre-Workouts: Are They A Good Idea?

Pre-workout supplements are very popular, especially amongst the 18-29 year old male population. I regularly am asked about supplements and which ones to take. Oddly, no one asks which ones to avoid. There are a lot more in that category than in the first one. case in point: I found a great article on Mike Reinold's site written by Rob Sutton, a strength coach at Champion PT and Performance (Reinold's facility)

I've never been a fan of pre-workouts. There's just too many unpronouncable and questionable ingredients for my liking. It seems to me that most of them are just caffeine dressed up in a pretty package. I, personally, think eating well (90% of the time), sleeping enough (get off freakin' social media and go to bed!), and not acting like a fool are enough to 

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