SAPT: Methods Behind the Madness

For years we, as coaches, have hung our collective coaching hats on the idea that Strength & Performance Training provides the absolute best in training services to our clientele. We stay at the forefront of the human performance industry. Constantly researching, screening, and evaluating new methods that emerge to determine validity and applicability for our population. 

We get results. No question about that. But we often struggle to communicate our uncommon methods to our clients and their families in a clear, grounded fashion. It’s not for lack of trying. It’s just pretty darn hard to succinctly explain why the first month to three months at SAPT will involve doing things that, on the surface, seem to embody the antithesis of the common conception of performance training.

As such, we are launching a six part series called SAPT: Methods Behind the Madness. In this series we will expose many of our “secrets” and help you understand how and why these elements must come together to build a complete human, whether they consider themselves an athlete or not.

Week 1: Breathing

Week 2: Primal Patterns

Week 3: Quadruped Rocking

Week 4: Crawling

Week 5: Skipping & Marching

Week 6: We love barbells, here’s how you get to use them

At the conclusion of this series, it is our goal that you will see clearly, how each element builds upon the others to combine, efficiently and effectively to build powerful, healthy athletes (and humans).