Knowledge is Power: Part 4

Good Afternoon from SAPT!

The past few weeks have been incredibly awesome here at SAPT.  Our new (and vastly improved) website is up, Jarrett and Kelsey have been chosen for PTDC articles of the week over the past two weeks, our BRYC Volleyball teams have been on a rampage, and our athletes have been hitting PRs left and right!  Check out Caroline absolutely wo-manhandling her last set of deadlifts in the video below.

In case you haven't be aggressively scouring the internet for awesome strength and conditioning related articles, here a few that should quench that insatiable thirst of knowledge of yours.

- Is your grip strength holding you back?  Here's a fantastic article by Tyson Brown providing you with some exercise solutions: How to Improve Your Grip Strength.

- The habits you develop can either turn you into an efficient, time-saving machine, or a get you fired from your job because of your utter lack of productivity.  Here's A Complete Guide to Habit-Forming out of written by Henry Halse to help you identify and correct any bad habits you may have formed.

- We are all about proper diaphragmatic breathing here at SAPT.  We've seen the incredible benefits teaching someone how to breathe properly can have.  Check out this article on breathing techniques you can employ to improve your workout results.


- Want stable and sexy shoulders?  Look now further.... 3 Exercise for Stable & Sexy Shoulders