Athlete Spotlight: Jake Shankman

Name: Jake Shankman
Age: 20
School/Major: UVA - Computer Science
Sport: Competitive Powerlifter - 148 weight class.
Best Lifts
- Squat: 320
- Bench Press: 210
- Deadlift: 340
Favorite Lift: Squat
Fun Fact: Jake is an EXPERT Rockband drummer.

Jake has been training with SAPT for a full year now and his lifts have skyrocketed.  His dedication and work ethic is truly unparalleled, and the focus he exudes while in the gym gives us coaches that fuzzy feeling deep down.  You know the one.  It's that feeling you get when your favorite song plays on the radio, or when you hit a new PR, or when you miraculously hit all green lights on the way to work.  Jake is currently prepping for his 2nd powerlifting meet that will be held on June 13th, and Jarrett has been programming for him while he's been down at UVA.  He returned to our facility a few weeks ago and it's really been spectacular watching him dominate the last few weeks of his meet prep program.  We're all rooting for Jake and know he's going to absolutely crush his old PRs during his upcoming meet.  Check out his third single of today's training session at 90% in the video below.  Good luck at the meet, Jake!