Knowledge is Power: Part 5

Take a peek at the awesome articles below for your weekly dose of knowledge bombs.  A genius coaching cue, a few common technique errors, a weight loss discussion and even a program to those 16in pythons you've always wanted.

Are You Reaching -- Ryan Brown, Darkside Strength

4 Weeks to Bigger Arms - David Allen, EliteFTS

The Scale Doesn’t Matter - Tim Berzins, PTDC

5 Common Technique Mistakes - Eric Cressey, Cressey Sports Performance

Also, if you haven't heard, Team SAPT is running a Spartan Race on August 1st!  Not only that, we've published an Ebook to help condition you for a mudrun of your own.  Follow this link if you want to join our team: Spartan Race Signup.  Contact Coach Jarrett for more details.