Athlete Spotlight: Brian Eckert

Name: Brian Eckert
Age: 18
High School: James Madison High School
College: Radford
Sport/Position: Baseball/Left Handed Pitcher
Pitches: 88MPH Fastball, Slider, Curveball
Favorite Lift: Deadlift (you can see him pull an easy 350# right here)
Fun Fact: Brian is also an avid surfer.
          - 23-1 Career record at Madison
          - First Team All Conference
          - First Team All Region
          - First Team All State
          - First Team All-Met

On paper, a job as a strength and conditioning coach seems like the perfect position.  You're given the responsibility of wearing gym shorts all day and allowed to parade around a weight room working with highly driven athletes who want nothing more than to crush the day's lifts.  However, this isn't always the case.  Sometimes you're dealt kids who simply don't believe in strength training and the carryover it can have on performance, or just don't care. Fortunately for us, Brian Eckert is not one of them.

Brian has been training consistently with us for about 3 years now.  This state champion pitcher is the type of kid who shows up at the gym with intensity ready to train and perfect the days lifts.  He listens to every detail you present him with, and not passively either.  He'll digest the information and come back at you with a question.  It's these little things that make him as successful as he's been over his high school career.  His high school team, James Madison, won the 6A Virginia State Title this past year and Brian was named First-Team All-Met by the Washington Post.

 The awesome thing is, as serious as he comes across in training, Brian is pretty laid back when it really comes down to it.  He's the type of kid you can carry on a conversation and joke around with during his training session, and then he'll flip that switch as soon as it's his turn to deadlift.  He'll be pitching for Radford University as an incoming freshmen next year and the staff here at SAPT can't wait to watch him succeed on the mound.  Good luck next year, Brian.  We'll be cheering for you!